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Copycat is a writing and college prep company.

Stevie was very attentive and was by far the kindest instructor I had. Her feedback on papers was constructive and she gave concrete tips... she was the absolute best!
— Undergraduate Student, Brown University

Stevie Henry, Writing Coach

PhD Candidate in Classics, Brown University (exp. 2019)
BA in Classics, Cornell University, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

My dream is to inspire and equip others to write their way to success. I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of 4. I knew I wanted to teach writing at the age of 15, when a friend told me he would rather mop the entire White House than finish his English essay. Inconceivable! 

I have 15 years experience as a teacher and tutor, with students ranging from middle and high schoolers to Ivy League undergraduates and adult professionals.

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Our Method

Copycat's Write Anything Method (affectionately known as "WAM") is designed to empower writers with the tools they need to write powerfully and successfully in any situation. To that end, our system uses three key areas of training, each of which is streamlined through concrete steps to maximize students' confidence and outcomes:


WAM's 3 "Modes" are the specific ways we train students to think about and practice writing throughout all steps of the essay process:

1. Models: Our motto here is "Learn by example." We're not called Copycat because we support plagiarism: Imitation is the most essential form of learning. We teach students to harness the power of imitation by using models of master writing.

2. Modularity: All writing can be broken down, or built from, concrete building blocks. Mastery of these building blocks translates to mastery of the written word across disciplines.

3. Moderation: Moderation refers to regulating one's tone and style in order to have the greatest impact on your audience. At every step of the essay process, we teach students how to identify and provide the optimal balance of tone and style to achieve their desired effect.


The WAM "Process" is the set of steps writers go through in crafting their essay. We have adapted the process honed by the schools of ancient rhetoric and philosophy that included greats such as Plato and Cicero and updated it for use in the modern world.

1. Discovery: "Discovery" or "Invention" refers to a set of tools for finding the best arguments for any situation.

2. Arrangement: We train writers to utilize a simple set of tools for organizing their arguments into the most effective structure to achieve the intended effect.

3. Style: We teach students how to choose the most appropriate style for a given writing project and to moderate that style within that project.

4. Memory: Where it is useful, we teach students tips and tricks for memorizing aspects of their writing so they can succinctly promote it in an oral form as well.

5. Delivery: We teach the appropriate formatting and presentation techniques for each type of writing, and the tools for discovering these on one's own.


WAM's "Support" area is designed to help students take advantage of their network and their own skill set in order to maximize and sustain their writing success.

1. Peers: Where possible, we advocate for peer-to-peer learning so that students can inspire one another and gain leadership skills through the writing process.

2. Parents: We are intentional about including parents (where relevant) in the writing process so that they have the tools necessary to help their students achieve long-term writing success.

3. Personal: Each workshop includes a "study skills" component in which students learn tricks and activities they can implement on their own to write more quickly, effectively, and confidently.