Thank you for your interest in a free pilot program for Copycat, an interactive story that teaches argumentative writing to middle and high school students.

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How Copycat Works



1. Copycat helps 6th-10th grade students organize argumentative essays

2. The goal is to improve PSSA/Common Core essay scores!

3.No extra prep or lecturing for teachers

4. Can be used in English, social studies, and science classes

5. Works as homework or in-class assignments, adaptive to each student's pace




Partial Unit Outline

This partial unit outline is presented to illustrate the way Copycat breaks down topics and introduces them to students. If you have questions about further material, please do not hesitate to contact us below!


Chapter One: What is an argument?
Key concepts: What is an argument, what is an umbrella argument (thesis/claim)

Chapter Two: Arguments to Avoid
Key concepts: How to avoid mistaking a fact for an argument, 
how to avoid making an irrelevant argument

Chapter Three: Context is Key
Key concepts: Recognizing your argument's background,
recognizing your argument's audience, context = background & audience

Chapter Four: Persuasive Potential
Key Concepts: What is persuasion, using an argument's context
to identify its persuasive potential, rating an argument's persuasive potential

Chapter Five: What is evidence?
Key concepts: What is evidence, selecting evidence relevant to an argument


15 more lessons in Round One to teach students the parts of an essay and improve their PSSA scores! Plus, dozens of subject-specific lessons for English, social studies, and science.


Get Involved


Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in joining the pilot program for Copycat!


Benefits to teachers/schools for participating in this free pilot: 

1. We provide support and analytics on student performance to help you know where to focus on improvement.

2. Teachers who participate in workshops that review/study student performance will be compensated for their feedback on the app.

3. Participating teachers will receive Copycat materials free for a year.

4. Participating teachers will receive tuition remission on an optional summer institute through the Philadelphia Writing Project.

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