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Copycat's Method

5 steps to Essay success

  1. Engage: Students learn better when the material is interesting. Copycat gets students' attention & builds confidence through fun stories students love. Then we move on to subject-specific essay practice in English, social studies, and science.

  2. Isolate: Essays are overwhelming. We break down essays into six parts: argument, evidence, main points, counter-argument, introduction, and conclusion. Copycat presents each step individually so students can devote their attention to mastering one concept at a time.

  3. Explain: For each part of the essay, Copycat defines terms, provides examples, and presents practice questions. No extra lesson prep is required--teachers can give the material as homework or in-class assignments at any time, without extra work!

  4. Integrate: Once students have mastered the six steps, they synthesize their knowledge by completing essay outlines that integrate all six parts. These outlines can be stand-alone assignments or provide the basis for writing a whole essay.

  5. Repeat: Copycat curriculum repeats in rounds so that students progress with greater and greater skills. Each round consists of lessons on the six parts, and then essay outline lessons where students integrate all parts of the essay. Once students have finished these lessons, they can begin a whole new round which goes through the same steps at a higher level of understanding!